What is SimpleEscrow™ PRICING?

If the amount of work does not change: WHY DO OTHER COMPANIES CHARGE YOU MORE, depending on sales price or loan amount?

  • No hidden fees. We offer aggregated and all-inclusive pricing. Everyone pays the best rate.
  • Reengineered closing practices to deliver value while performing with technical precision.
  • Pricing transparency, which is easy to understand. Whether your property is in the thousands or millions, our price remains the same.
  • Home Specialists do not receive monetary incentives on a monthly transaction count. You, therefore, as our client, will not feel any transactional bias or suffer in any way, on the services we provide.
  • Pacific City Escrow “KEEPS IT SIMPLE”. Our upfront policies and posted pricing is available on our website, available to all. At Pacific City Escrow we feel that our clients deserve to know that they are paying the same pricing model as everyone else. We treat everyone the same. Even though we offer our all-inclusive SimpleEscrow™ pricing for all, you can rest assured that you will be getting the very best possible Escrow service in the industry.

Pacific City Escrow is committed to promoting transparency and advantage by engineering our favorable SimpleEscrow™ pricing model. We aggregate all aspects of the transaction to deliver an easy, all-inclusive & competitive rate to EVERY client. Say good-bye to “discount pricing may be available” and hello to our best price, every transaction, every time.